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Ninth Grade Slays (The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod Series #2)

Ninth Grade Slays - Heather Brewer It's amazing how something that starts out as light, fun entertainment can become so mind-bogglingly irritating that you nearly pitch it across the living room.After the 6th goddamn time Heather Brewer completely and utterly misused "bemused" and its various forms, I gave up. Six times in a book that isn't even 300 pages long. As well, I started to notice that she seems to think "smirk" is simply a synonym for "smile", because she uses it in some extremely awkward places.It's alarming, that it appears that Brewer, her agent, her editor, and her copy-editor don't know what words like "bemuse" and "smirk" mean. Why would I want to waste my time when these people can't be arsed to spend 30 seconds on Dictionary.com?