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Touch of the Demon - Diana Rowland I don't know what the fuck happened to this series, but everything I loved about the first books is gone, gone, gone. It went from being police procedural with some urban fantasy elements to being yet another "I'm so raw, I'm so edgy and cool, no really, pay no attention to the fact that my bedhead is the result of two hours in front of the mirror and my steel-toed boots are designer" glossy, typical UF book. Kara has turned from a mature, slightly awkward and a tiny bit geeky heroine to the typical snarky, swears a lot, makes tons of pop culture references all the time UF heroine you see in all the other books like this. Since when did she ever say "shitballs"? And none of the changes feel organic, they were just done. I'm done too. I'm sad, because I loved the first book especially for being everything I wanted out of the UF genre but never got. Now it's same old, same old. *sigh*