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Who I Am - M.L. Rice I just can't. I can't read any more of this, I'm so bored.And I hesitate to actually give it a rating, because it feels a bit like kicking a puppy for losing a dog show it wasn't trained to compete in in the first place. This book needed to be fleshed out enormously and it needed huge amounts of polish before ever being professionally published. Everything in this book is tell rather than show. The vast majority of character interactions are recapped in infodumpy paragraphs, with only the occasional bits of dialog, so instead of seeing Devin and Melanie's friendship grow, we're told about it. Instead of seeing Devin's progress and happiness in school, it's summed up in paragraphs of a "And then I got friends and I was happy" sort of nature. When Devin goes to her aunt and uncle's for Christmas, she's nervous because she doesn't know them well, but we're told it's okay, turns out they're pretty cool. What makes them this way? No idea, we're not shown any of it. It's more like someone recapping the discovery of their sexuality for an essay (a very long essay) than a novel. Add in some awkward phrasings, some poor dialog tag choices, and adverbs that demonstrated aptly why adverbs so easily becoming telling rather than showing, and it's just...I don't understand why it was published. I feel bad and I was hoping to like this story, cause I can relate to Devin in a lot of ways. But this book needed to be put through several more drafts at least before seeing the light of day. It's a cute little golden lab puppy that was so not ready for that obstacle course and inevitably landed on its head.