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Fuck this book.


Fuck this book.


Fuck this book.


Fuck this book and it's horrible, ignorant, whiny, selfish little shitstain narrator. Bad enough that someone thought it made sense to write this book like the diary of a 16-year-old with the mental acuity of a 6-year-old. The way it's written is soooooooooooooooooo annoying!!!!! Do you know why people often hate diary form books?????? Because some genius got the idea to write them like this!! With too many exclamation points!!!!! And do you really need that many question marks???? Do teenagers reaaaaaaalllllllyy write in their diaries like this!?! OMG, it just makes me want to smack someone!!!!


Namely Clemmie, who never stops whining about everything. She dates poor Ben for like, a few weeks, treats him like crap and whines about what a cock he is because he doesn't "get the hint" that she's not interested. Open your fucking mouth and tell him!


And she's just so ignorant. She keeps talking about how she's almost seventeen but like, I know a bunch of teenagers Clemmie's age or younger who are so much better informed than she is. Like when she's studying the Cold War in history and has to pick a subject, we get this:


-The Vietnam War (don't even know where Vietnam is, let alone what happened there!)

- The Korean War (they eat dogs in Korea, don't they?)

- The Space Race (eh??)

- The Cuban Missiles Crisis (Cuba's famous for cigars, isn't it? Not missiles!)

- The Collapse of the Berlin Wall (couldn't have been very sturdy.)


Wow. Like I said, I know lots of teenagers and none of them are this ignorant. Apparently all Clemmie ever does is whine in her diary and sit on her ass watching TV (but never documentaries, obviously, because how the fuck do you not know at least a little bit about at least one of these when you're almost seventeen).


When she notices that a friend of hers is losing weight she remarks I hope she's not got this dyslexia malarkey and you know, maybe we just shouldn't even talk about this because my blood pressure is going through the roof just thinking about it. We're talking to separate but serious issues and Clemmie's inability to keep them straight is what, supposed to be funny or something? Her ignorance is just gross (and no, that's not "just how teenagers are" stop insulting people I consider friends with that bullshit).


But I almost tore the book in half on page 57, where Clemmie is talking about her project on the Cuban Missile Crisis and says:


Pritchard's [her teacher] gonna be blown away (like Cuba nearly was--ha ha ha ha!!)


That is not fucking funny! At all! We're talking about a serious crisis that could have ended in a lot of deaths and she's making jokes like that? It's so gross and ignorant and NO I DON'T GIVE A FUCK THAT SHE'S SUPPOSED TO BE A TEENAGER!


I did not behave like that as a teenager. I know numerous teenagers who don't behave like that. And I don't care that there are ones who do; normalizing it isn't fucking cool.


P.S. It is perfectly possible to be not gay and like someone the same gender as you. It's called bisexuality; stop erasing it.