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Timeless (Parasol Protectorate, #5) - Gail Carriger *sigh* What started out as a strong series ended on a fairly sour note. This book and the one before it were both extremely thin on plot, and what they did have was contrived, convoluted, and not wholly sense-making. Worse, this one had no resolution to speak of. It left multiple threads just dangling in the wind for the inevitable spin-off series. Alexia didn't even right her father's wrong, as she just left the bodies responsible for the God-Breaker Plague languishing out in the desert. Well, if there was a resolution to that, it wasn't mentioned in the actual book.Then there were the scenes with Biffy, which were largely filler...when they weren't complete fanservice, I mean. But what really got on my nerves is that Biffy picked up the leaping-to-tall-conclusions-in-a-single-bound (and being right!) gift that Alexia had in Heartless. Just as she figured out some wild revelations randomly out of thin air in Heartless, Biffy did the same. And all those revelations that came out made no sense. There was no hint of what Alexia's father's motivation was for the things he did, so it all seemed so random and sloppy.Finally, she BLOODY MADE QUEEN MATAKARA HATSHEPSUT! One of my very biggest pet peeves in any book with super powered immortals is that historical figures of note always end up turning out to have been an immortal of some type. Worse, she made Matakara/Hatshepsut an evil vampire who instigated the God-Breaker Plague to wipe out her werewolf rivals. Ugh. And none of Matakara/Hatshepsut's story really fitted in to the actual historical record. I just hate that sort of thing so much, and it's why I almost never read any kind of historical fantasy. Sadness. I hope that her second series is written with a much tighter rein on the plot and a keen eye towards things making sense. These books can be great fun but they can be utterly absurd, too, and Timeless leaned far more towards the absurd side of things.