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Warrior Women: An Archaeologist's Search for History's Hidden Heroines - Mona Behan;Jeannine Davis-Kimball In a nutshell: Well-researched and well-argued where deeper research wasn't possible. Davis-Kimball doesn't make any hugely sensationalist claims and the most out-there claims she does make are not exactly Marija Gimbutas level "Women were in charge once and everything was equal and perfect and wonderful and there were unicorns that shat rainbows" stuff. If there's anything about the book that is sensationalist, it's the title. Davis-Kimball certainly unearthed women of power and status, be they real or mythological, but she didn't actually spend that much time on honest-to-goodness warriors. For the layperson: The book is written as a personal account of her search, rather than as a history text. This makes it far less dry and easier to read, for those who're usually put off by the flat tone of history texts.