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Blood Witch (Sweep, No. 3) - Cate Tiernan You know, I'm a grown woman. I should know better. I shouldn't be enjoying these books so much. I shouldn't be so annoyed that I have to wait to continue reading until the bookstore gets the next ones in. It's like my inner 14-year-old is in control.I mean, these books have no plot. Stuff happens, but there's absolutely no "beginning, middle, end" structure to speak of. They just are, and suddenly they end, generally on a cliffhanger. The Wicca is obviously inaccurate and the rhyming spells are just silly. There's also soul mate nonsense, which I usually hate. Plus the whole "unearthly gorgeous guy falling in love with Plain Jane girl" trope. On a normal day, I don't think I'd like these.But I was looking for exactly this kind of thing. I wanted something cheesy, trashy, entertaining, with things like soul mates and hot guys falling for average girls. And let me tell you, these books really deliver on those fronts. Plus they read fast and easy.But buy the first 3 at least in the omnibus edition because you WILL be cliffhangered, it WILL annoy you, and if you enjoy it at all, you WILL have to read the next one. Just a warning.