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Omniatopia: East Wind: East Wind (OMNITOPIA)

Omniatopia: East Wind: East Wind (OMNITOPIA) - Diane Duane Yes, I want to read this book. I want to read it very much. I wanted to read it two years ago when it was supposed to come out.But it never did come out. It never appeared on the shelves. And in the two years since then, not a word has been said as to why. No one--not the author, not the publisher--has been arsed to give even the tiniest hint to anxiously waiting fans about what the fuck is going on with this book.It's absolutely terrible business to behave that way. I recently reread Omnitopia: Dawn and went looking yet again for information on East Wind, but once again, nothing. No one will even tell us whether we should still be holding out hope of ever reading this damn book. Not even that much. At this point, everyone involved should be ashamed of the way they're treating customers here. It's bullshit.