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P.C. Cast, The R Word and That Big Hole She Keeps Digging.

Reblogged from I'll think of a damn title later:

As someone who is autistic and is affected by this sort of behavior, if you really don't think it's dangerous, you should probably check out this list: http://vladdraculea.tumblr.com/post/53055405050/alex-wasnt-the-first-lets-not-forget


These are autistic people, many if them children, who were killed by their family members or caretakers, most often parents. It's not up to date. There have been more since this list was created. Always remember: Ableism kills.


"Ableism should be stamped out of our culture. There's no excuse for using a term like the R word to shame someone. Yes, the meanings of words change but the R word has not changed meanings. No matter how many times you try to justify your use of the word, claiming you didn't mean to be offensive or ableist so it doesn't count, or crying censorship when you're asked not to use it, that word is still a disgusting slur against the disabled.




If P.C. Cast is too immature and selfish to understand the hurt she causes with use of the R word (and "fucktard" because the suffix -tard clearly has the same implications), she really shouldn't be writing. Her editors need to step in and tell her to get a grip."


Read more at The Book Lantern and spread the word! Stamp out ableism in YA!