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Did anyone get the number of that ice cream truck?

Shadows - Robin McKinley

This book.


This goddamn book!


I really hate it when I read books that I absolutely adore, but can't for the life of me articulate why I adored them. This was definitely that type of book. I mean, at first I wasn't even sure I would like it. Maggie, the MC, is supposed to be 17 going on 18, but her voice comes off more like 13 or 14 at first, and the book just sort of infodumps a bunch of stuff at you, a lot of which is kinda confusing. 


But then...I don't know, suddenly it was like it grabbed me by the face and wouldn't let go. I can't explain it. It's like, imagine you're sitting there eating peanut butter and pickle ice cream, and someone comes up to you and asks what it is. You tell them, well, it's peanut butter and pickle ice cream, so they ask, Is that good? And you're like Um, it's kind of an acquired taste...and I seem to somehow have acquired it.


Like, I like pickles and I like peanut butter and I like ice cream. But all three as one entity? Nope. And to be honest, I don't know exactly why I loved peanut butter and pickle ice cream this time. Maybe I never will again. Maybe this book was just the perfect storm of peanut butter and pickle ice cream, IDK.