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Reblogged from Nemo @ The Moonlight Library:

What the actual fuck? SERIOUSLY WHAT THE FUCK?


NOTE - I unconnected Booklikes and Goodreads when I found my BL updates were going to GR on different editions of the book. The only book I removed from BL were my 'bba' books because I couldn't have exclusive shelves at the time. My books are still on my GR list.


Kaia's Notes:


Okay, I ran this past my husband, who's a programmer. His initial response:


Technically possible, provided BL has been given authority by GR to alter or delete reviews - which seems unlikely. API access like this is typically read-only unless specifically directed otherwise by the user.


Upon taking a closer look at GR's API, he found a list of functions it allows:


review.create — Add review.

review.edit — Edit a review.
reviews.list — Get the books on a members shelf.
review.recent_reviews — Recent reviews from all members..
review.show — Get a review.
review.show_by_user_and_book — Get a user's review for a given book.
review.update — Update book reviews.


Note that the option to delete is not present. It does not appear that GR's API permits deletions. If something is being deleted due to the connection between GR and BL, it's due to a bug in Goodreads' code, not Booklikes. The shutdown of the API connection is more likely so they can cover their asses and fix their code problem than anything to do with BL. Cute, GR. Really cute.