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Oh Strange Grubs, You So Silly

In their never ending quest to prove that we're criminals, STRGB and their cronies are once again lying through their little creepy stalker troll teeth.


As per their darling Anne R. Allen:


Attorney generals nationwide are beginning to crack down on fraudulent third-party review sites such as YELP who rates hotels and restaurants much the way Goodreads reviews books


Here, Strange Grubs, let me Google that for you.


Yes, you read that right. 


1. Yelp itself is part of the operation to shut down these fraudulent reviews, they're not part of any crackdown because


2. This isn't a crackdown against negative reviews. It's a crackdown on companies buying thousands of dollars worth of positive shill reviews for themselvesAs the articles point out, we're not talking just restaurants and the like. We're talking serious services like dentists, lawyers, and ultrasound services. And we're not talking about negative reviews of any stripe--we're talking about positive shill reviews. We're talking about legal action taken against companies who are potentially putting people's lives in danger.


Sorry, Strange Grubs, you still don't have a case, and if you think anyone with a serious career in law is going to give you the time of day when there are companies posting fraudulent positive reviews for services that have potentially serious (even fatal) outcomes, you need to stop by and check in with reality for a change. 

Like I've said before, people, this is what they do. Lies, lies, and more lies.