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I'm gonna be honest here

I don't get it when I see reports of self-published authors who publish their work full of typo and errors. At this point in my writing life, I freak out if my beta readers find typos I missed. And if it's a grammatical error or the use of the wrong word, or something like that, I want to sink through the floor.


I'm a writer. I've been doing this for almost sixteen years now. Yes, it's true, everyone makes mistakes, but a writer has the opportunity to fix them. I take pride in the fact that I've had beta readers compliment me on how clean my work is, and that there was maybe like two typos marked in my recent batch of edits. How can people let their work go out like that?


I'm one of the messiest people you meet, but even I like to clean my room before I let other people in it. Come on now.