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Vesper: A Deviants Novel - Jeff Sampson

Oh, I'm sorry. Was there supposed to be a story in there? I must've missed it somewhere between blah blah blah slut, blah blah blah whore, blah blah slutty slutty slut slut, blah blah trashy whore.


You know, I'm not doing reviews much these days. I'm busy focusing on my own career and most of the time, with the drama lately, it's just...not worth the effort. But something has to be said about this book.


Maybe I should've known better. I almost never read books written by men, and a book about a shy girl who turns outgoing and flirtatious at night? Okay, I guess I should've seen that buying it would be a bad move. It would've likely been bad enough in the hands of a female PNR YA author, but it's even skeevier getting it from a dude. The sheer amount of times the words "slut," "trashy," and "whore" are thrown around in this book made me sick. The slut-shaming and victim-blaming undertones made my skin crawl.

And I guess maybe all of this is because Emily is actually a werewolf? I don't know, and I don't care. We're supposed to dislike "Nighttime Emily's" recklessness and "sluttiness" but honestly, she's just a terrible person. I bailed on the book when she legit slipped a handful of sleeping pills into her best friend's milkshake so she could bust out for the night. If she wanted to do the entire football team I honestly wouldn't care, but giving drugs you don't really known in a dosage that could potentially kill to your best friend? Gross.