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Book Haul + Restaurant Bragging

Dragonquest - Anne McCaffrey The White Dragon - Anne McCaffrey Moreta: Dragonlady of Pern (Pern: Dragonriders of Pern, #4) - Anne McCaffrey Acorna: The Unicorn Girl  - Anne McCaffrey, Margaret Ball Arrows of the Queen - Mercedes Lackey

Man, I forgot how many books the store in Copenhagen stocks. Our local place is great and has a lot of good stuff, but it can be so focused on the new that some older stuff is never stocked. 


I got Dragonquest and The White Dragon, for obvious reasons. My husband was looking at Moreta and pointed out that it was a pandemic book, at which point I was sold.


I also got the first Acorna book, also by McCaffrey, because it sounded like it my kind of thing.


Finally, I got Arrows of the Queen by Mercedes Lackey. (I would've gotten all three, but they only had the first one stocked today.) I have them back in the States, but they're battered, and far away, and I've had the craving to read them lately. They will always be a favorite to my misfit bookworm horselover heart.


Meanwhile, the restaurant...good lord, that restaurant. My husband went for the first time a couple months ago and has literally not stopped talking about it since. I thought there was no way in hell it could live up to his hype.


But it did!


Everything was amazing. There was this salad, and it was full of things like arugula and chard, which I never, ever would eat. Except the dressing on it (something with vinegerette and possibly soy sauce and sesame oil) was so, so amazingly delicious that I devoured it (and then finished most of my husband's. In exchange for my miso soup which was the only thing I tried that I didn't like). I also tried some yakitori chicken as an appetizer, which was also good (I shared a bit with my husband).


But the steak! It was utterly perfect. Cooked just how I liked it, and that perfect tenderness where there's still enough to sink your teeth into and yet it somehow manages to melt in your mouth anyway. And there was a really yummy dipping sauce for it too. I even got adventurous and tried some green tea ice cream for dessert. One of those things that qualifies as weird but tasty. I've decided I want to go there for my birthday, too.


Also, the Lego Store made my husband practically explode with joy and indecision. He got a World War I plane, the Sopwith Camel. He also bought me my first Lego Technic set that's all my own to build. It's just a little hovercraft, because I'm a newb. 


My fibromyalgia is punishing me for daring all those cobblestones and cold weather, but my husband had a great day, so that's what counts. (Oh yeah, I also gave him one of his Christmas presents early. It's a book he's also been talking about for months. And since it arrived today, it seemed like fate.)