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Snow Crash - Neal Stephenson

So it looks like the plot will finally start, right? There's been a murder, and there's our protagonist, Hiro Protagonist (I shit ye not, don't look at me like that) staring at the dead body and it's probably connected to the bad guy handing out Snow Crash, and then the next chapter starts like this:


Jason Breckinridge wears a terracotta blazer. It is the color of Sicily. Jason Breckinridge has never been to Sicily. He may get to go there someday, as a premium. In order to get the free cruise to Sicily, Jason has to accumulate 10,000 Goombata Points.


BL actually erased the part of my post where I rant about how I don't care about this, and how I'd like to get back to the plot (which will take two fucking chapters) and why is this shit considered good? All it does is give me a headache.