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All right, everyone, I'm going to try to keep this short and sweet.


As many of you know, I'm autistic.


You might also know of April as "Autism Awareness Month." Well, let me tell you what April is to me:


April is the month where further misconceptions about autism and what it means to be me are spread around like wildfire. It is a month of fighting for my voice to be heard above parents/cousins/siblings/etc. It is a month of hearing "you're not like my child" and "you don't seem autistic" and so on. It is a month of having my opinion devalued because years of abuse at the hands of society have forced me more into the allistic mode and I am "not autistic enough" for my opinion to account. It is a month of being told shit like "autism is a mental condition in which fantasy dominates over reality as a symptom of schizophrenia and other disorders.”


It is a month of seeing people like me described as tragedies and burdens. It is a month of nauseating slogans and puzzle piece art. It is a month where people "light it up blue" in support of Autism Speaks, a truly deplorable piece of shit company that is to autistics what PETA is to animals. It is a month of pitying parents and family members instead of accepting autistics. 


I hate it. And I loathe Autism Speaks.

Autism Speaks doesn't speak for me. They want autistic people wiped off the planet. There are no autistic people involved in their organization. They are anti-vax. They speak over and bully actually autistic people. Most of their money is spent on cure research and glossy campaigns like Light it Up Blue; only a tiny percentage of what they get goes to families in need of assistance. Oh, and their members are more than happy to talk about how they want to kill their autistic children.


Here is a good place to start learning about the horror that is Autism Speaks. This was collected by a fellow autistic.


If I see puzzle piece ribbons or light it up blue shit come across my dashboard, I will probably unfollow who ever it came from. If you come here and try to argue the merits of A$ with me, I will block you. If you dare tell me I'm not like your child/cousin/brother/whatever I will slap you through the internet with a frozen tuna. See if I don't.


Autism awareness is laced with ignorance and lacks acceptance. And I am done putting up with it.