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Update: Why I'm Sick

So I'm back from the doctor. No sign of anything worse than a cold. Which was a bit puzzling, since I only got over my last one a month ago. The likely culprit is actually a suppressed immune system.


The thing is, I should never have gotten this cold. The doctor I saw last time completely ignored what I tried to tell her, got some test results back that indicated I might have some kind of infection, and put me on a course of antibiotics that in reality I didn't need. She didn't know if I actually had anything beyond the cold, but gave me antibiotics anyway.


The thing is, because antibiotics have a bit of a suppression effect on the immune system, they should only be used if absolutely necessary. I took her at face value because no doctor has ever put me on antibiotics when I didn't need it. If she had just listened to me and given me cough syrup so I could sleep instead of coughing all night, I would not be sick right now. Worse, she exposed me to potentially far worse infections; I'm lucky all I got was a relapse of my cold. 


Now I have a cough syrup that should actually do what I need, and I'm really hoping I recover faster this time, as I'm way behind in finishing my WIP.