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Leaving on a jet plane

So, tomorrow, my husband and I are heading out to spend our anniversary in Berlin. So I won't really be around much again until next Tuesday.


This is the first time we're getting to go on vacation together like this, and I'm so excited. We're going to at least one aquarium (possibly two!), the zoo, three museums (the Museum of Natural History, the Pergamon, and the Egyptian Museum), and capping off all that erudition with a trip to the Berlin Dungeon, because who doesn't love cheesy horror stuff? Plus, on the 11th (our actual anniversary) we're going to see the Blue Man Group. 

We'll be getting as much video footage and as many pictures as we possibly can, so there should be lots to share when I get back. Once I scrape myself out of bed, which admittedly might take some time. 


Try not to get into too much drama while I'm gone! XD