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The Adventures of Apocalypse Al TP - J. Michael Straczynski

Ugh. I simply can't bring myself to slog through any more of this. It's interminable. It's also the first of a number of comics I've tried that I've really hated.


The constant flow of "snarky" humor gives me a headache. I might have found some of it funny when I was twelve, but it's simply trying too hard. And some of it is actually pretty rapey. Like, Al visits this techie-wizard guy who can apparently do some odd things with time, and has a tendency to lust at her, and there are way too many cracks about when he might be doing to her when she's unable to fight back. 


Her design is so stereotypically superhero comics it hurts. She has enormous breasts, and somehow manages to have a thigh gap despite her thunder-thighs. Her wardrobe design is hideous, and the creators apparently had such a strong desire to have her in her underwear for a while that there's a part where she's called out of her apartment in the middle of the night, and goes wearing her panties and nightie like she wasn't given time for anything else--but she's also wearing her jacket and her boots, so I don't see why she couldn't have thrown on some pants. 


There's also a part where she complains about how hard it is to run in heels, even though earlier she had a nightmare--literally a nightmare--about wearing sensible shoes. You'd think someone that against simple shoes would learn to run in heels (and since there are Swedish women where I live who run across cobblestones while wearing stilettos, it can be done). None of this is funny at all.


Probably the worst part was the way the comic was written. I don't mind some internal monologue from the main character, but most of what's there (and there's a lot of it) is actually heavily descriptive prose. Al describes everything, including things the reader can clearly see. She also launches into detailed descriptions set against a back drop of extremely static action. So it feels like both the writer loves his own words too much, and the artist is too crap to draw most of what needs to be drawn.


The idea might sound like a fun one, but there are far better, less headache-inducing comics out there.