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Book Recommendations: Can You Scare Me?

So, this October, I'd really like to read some scary books. The problem? Despite the fact that I am easily terrified by pretty much every other medium (movies, video games, etc.) books almost never scare me. And even then, the few that do manage little more than a few creep out moments. 


Thus I'm looking for some suggestions, and it won't be easy. Many things don't scare me as it is, but even things that can be effective in movies (like zombies) don't move me much in books. Psychological horror of the type where the protagonist can't tell if what's happening to them is really or not just makes me yawn (turns out, when you've actually lived that experience, you either become terrified of it, or rather blase about it; I'm the latter). I don't tend to find much Lovecraftian horror spooky (though his stuff about things crawling out of the ocean does freak me out a fair bit).


That's not to say these things can't scare me, just that in books, they usually don't. I'm trying to see if I can find some books that actually can. 


(Just a warning, I tend to be partial to female protagonists these days.)